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We provide a sophisticated one-tap login system so you can protect online accounts from hackers.

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Did you know?

Most breaches start with stolen passwords, weak passwords, or phishing attacks.

What is LoginShield?

LoginShield is the secure and convenient way to login to a website or network application, featuring one-tap login, strong cryptography, and a unique patent-pending system that blocks phishing attacks.

Stop hackers in their tracks

Internet Standard

We use algorithms and protocols that are recommended by the U.S. government, used by Fortune 100 companies, and published as Internet standards.

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LoginShield is easy to integrate, easy to use, and easy to manage with our unique enterprise portal. Choose cloud-hosted or self-hosted deployment.

Anti Phishing

Protect your applications with LoginShield and stop worrying about phishing emails. Our unique patent-pending system detects and blocks phishing attacks.

One-tap login

Save time when you login with just one tap. End the hassle of copying temporary codes from your phone to the browser!

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Digital signatures

Passwords might be stolen or guessed, but our digital signature based authentication uses strong cryptography to protect your account from hackers.

LoginShield protects accounts against weak passwords, stolen passwords, and credential stuffing attacks.

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Phishing protection

When LoginShield detects a login started from an untrusted location, it redirects you to the correct website for safety.

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Strong multi-factor authentication

What are the various ways to authenticate someone? How can they be combined for strong multi-factor authentication? Learn about five kinds of authentication factors in this informative technical brief

One-tap login

How does LoginShield one-tap login work? Learn how convenient it can be to login to a website, and how much time you'll save, with LoginShield one-tap login.

Phishing protection

How does LoginShield phishing protection work? Learn how our unique patent-pending system detects and blocks phishing attacks, and what kinds of phishing it doesn't block.

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Is your two-factor authentication working?

Find out if your two-factor authentication is protecting users against phishing attacks.

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Our mission: empower organizations to eliminate the threat of password and phishing attacks on their users.

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