One-tap login
by Jonathan Buhacoff

LoginShield replaces the passwords and temporary codes that are typically used to login to websites. So how does it work? Let's assume you already have an account at a website, and that LoginShield is available. You login to your account with a password for the last time, go to account settings, and click the button to enable LoginShield. Here's what happens next:

The website will display a QR code. You need to "capture" this QR code with the LoginShield app. That's jargon for using the LoginShield app to take a picture of the QR code. The LoginShield app will prompt you to confirm the login. When you tap the "Login" button in the LoginShield app, the app might show you a safety notice, or you might get logged in immediately. When you complete the login you'll be back at the account settings on the same website, and now LoginShield will be enabled.

Next time you login to the same website using the same browser, you'll enter your username and the website will then show you the LoginShield symbol (a blue shield with a letter "L" in the middle). That's your cue to check your smartphone, tablet, or whatever device you have with LoginShield installed, for a push notification. The notification will prompt you to confirm a login to the website. If you tap the "Login" button on the notification, you'll be immediately authenticated to the website -- look back at the browser window and see that you're being logged in.

That's the one-tap login: after you enter your username on the website, it's just one tap on the smartphone or other device to complete the login process.

There are some settings that could be in effect on your mobile device that would require additional steps:

  • your device might be locked, and you might have to unlock it before you reach our one-tap notification; the same would be true if you were receiving a temporary code on the device, you'd have to unlock it and open the message app to see the code (and then type it into the browser)
  • you might have enabled optional passcode or fingerprint protection in the LoginShield app itself; you'd have to pass through these protections before reaching the one-tap login confirmation
  • the app might show a safety notice, and you have to choose a way to proceed which might require one or more additional actions; technically you're already authenticated to the site and LoginShield has to route you around a potentially unsafe situation to ensure you're not logging in to a phishing site

The one-tap login is the secure and convenient way to login to websites, VPNs, and other network applications.


Our mission: empower organizations to eliminate the threat of password and phishing attacks on their users.

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