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Protect your site from hackers.

Eliminate the top 2 causes of data breaches.

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LoginShield is 100% effective and easy to use

We believe that you deserve the best security available. We bring 20+ years of software and cybersecurity experience, veteran engineers, fresh insights, and a relentless drive to make the world a better place. That's why we spent 3 years developing this amazing, patent-pending solution, and why we decided to make it available as an easy to use WordPress plugin.

Digital signatures

Passwords might be stolen or guessed, but our digital signature based authentication uses strong cryptography to protect your account from hackers.

LoginShield protects accounts against weak passwords, stolen passwords, and credential stuffing attacks.

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One-tap login

Save time when you login with just one tap.

Our WordPress plugin allows users to activate LoginShield from their profile settings.

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What does this plugin do, exactly?

Want to learn more about LoginShield? Read the handbook

Secure Login

We use strong cryptographic algorithms and protocols that are used by governments and Fortune 100 companies.


Add fingerprint protection in the LoginShield app to protect your credentials.


Our unique patent-pending system detects and blocks credential-theft phishing attacks on your account.

14 day risk-free trial

No credit card required. You only need an email address.

Automatically reverts to password login if you don't subscribe by the end of the trial period.

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Completely free!

LoginShield for WordPress is now in public beta. You can try it risk free.

When we exit the public beta, as a thank-you for your participation, you'll receive an exclusive offer to continue using LoginShield at a special low price!

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Our mission: empower organizations to eliminate the threat of password and phishing attacks on their users.

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