How to install LoginShield for WordPress


LoginShield for WordPress is a plugin for the popular WordPress platform that makes it easy to use LoginShield instead of a password.

You can install the plugin and start a free trial in just minutes. Payment information is NOT required to start the free trial.

Step by step

Navigate to the Plugins page in WordPress and tap the Add New button.

Type LoginShield in the search box and hit enter button.

Search for LoginShield in WordPress plugins

Tap the Install Now button.

The Install Now button

Tap the Activate button.

The Activate button

Navigate to Settings, then LoginShield to manage the plugin settings.

WordPress may automatically take you to this page when you activate the plugin.

Tap the Continue button to set up your free trial.

LoginShield plugin settings before setup

Complete the form and tap the Continue button.

We only use this contact information to communicate with you about LoginShield, your account, your use of the LoginShield service, or relevant announcements from us. We do not share this contact information with 3rd parties.
Free trial registration form

Check your email. A link will be sent to the email address you entered in the previous step.

Tap the link in the email to continue.

Emails are sent immediately. If you don't see it within one minute, check your spam folder. If you use a gmail account, you may experience a delay of 15 minutes in receiving the email.
Verification email

Tap the Continue button to create an account with a free trial.

Confirmation to start free trial

Tap the Continue button to grant access to your WordPress site to use your new account.

The site name and domain name of your WordPress site that are displayed in this confirmation message will also be displayed to users in the LoginShield app when they log in to your site.
Confirmation to connect WordPress site with LoginShield account


You're done! WordPress users can now set up and activate LoginShield via the Edit Profile page.

Remember to return to to set up billing information before the free trial expires.
LoginShield plugin settings before setup